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Our architecture studio is based in Guadalajara and Los Cabos. With more than 20 years of experience managing projects from the initial design phase to completion, we have learned how to create innovative structures and enjoyable experiences for our clients. We work with contractors and subcontractors to ensure your project is completed on time and correctly.

Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who are passionate about their work and willing to fulfill our clients' dreams.


We look forward to learning more about your project vision and working together to create something you will absolutely love.



Ana graduated in Architecture from the ITESO University in Guadalajara, whereby she started working in her father's construction company, acquiring experience as a draftsman and a construction site resident to become the Project Manager later. In 2015 she decided to set up HAC Arquitectura as the lead designer as well as acting as the “Chief Operating Officer”. To complete her training, she studied Diplomas in "Business Strategy" and "Project Management" taught by Harvard Business School Publishing along with Family Business Planning and Strategy courses. Her biggest passions in life are architectural and interior design. She is known for her level of attention to every detail in the projects that she takes on.



Humberto graduated from the Autonomous University in Guadalajara; through several years of experience, he has developed expertise in various fields related to architecture and construction. At 28, he started his first company, focusing on project development and construction, in which he developed numerous houses and residential projects. After a few years, he entered the field of industrial plants, where he acquired much experience, which led him to acquire contracts with important international companies such as Roche De Mexico and Fresenius Medical Care. As a result of his excellent performance in developing pharmaceutical-grade industrial Plants, he was invited to participate in several hospital projects throughout Mexico. He is still as inspired today as he was when he started and continues to inject an invaluable level of passion and experience into each and every project.




Carlota is in charge of the Administration of HAC Arquitectura. She plans, organizes and controls the finances of each project. She is always available to support the whole team, making her one of the most important pillars, always maintaining harmony. She firmly believes that the world evolves day by day and in the importance of being prepared and updated academically to remain competitive in her profession. This has led her to continuously study diplomas such as Development of Management Skills taught by Harvard Business Publishing, Business Design and Strategy workshops and updates in management-related software.




Graduated from the University Center of Art, Architecture, and Design of the University in Guadalajara in 1997. In her early days, Hilda worked in an architectural office working with ​​projects, supervising the work of residential units. She also worked in Grupo Entorno, a construction company in Playa del Carmen, working in the area of residential and hotel projects. In January 2001, he joined the team of Corporativo Coarmex, a sister company of HAC Arquitectura, where over the years she has acquired experience in areas such as Projects, Construction, Purchases, Costs and Budgets. Always showing her fascination for architecture in all its phases and stages.



Alejandro graduated in Architecture from the ITESO University in Guadalajara and is currently studying for a Diploma in Landscape Architecture at ITESO. From the university, he worked as a draftsman and project assistant in companies in the construction industry. In 2017, he began to work at HAC Arquitectura as a project assistant and later became a site manager. Alejandro is passionate about bringing architectural projects to reality without neglecting any detail to meet the client's expectations in terms of function and aesthetics.



Graduating from the ITESO University of Guadalajara, Felipe's areas of strength lie in the design and the complex solutions of architectural projects that push to improve the user's quality of life. He has international experience as he has participated in diplomas and courses in different countries and universities; among them is the La Vie course, Feeling the Landscape, which he studied directly with RCR architects and the RMIT University of Urban Design. This has strengthened his analysis and point of view towards an integral architecture.



Rafael is an architect who graduated from ITESO University, located in Guadalajara; he carried out an academic exchange at the UBA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has taken multiple courses to master digital design tools. He began working at the university as a designer in various firms until becoming a project coordinator. In 2021, he started working at HAC Arquitectura as a construction supervisor. Rafael is captivated by landscape design, art, and aesthetics without losing spatial order and harmony, meeting the client's expectations.



Graduated from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. She took different software courses focused on architecture and design. Passionate about architectural design and interior design, in 2020, she started at HAC Arquitectura as an intern to know and learn from the labor field. In 2021, she joined the work team with the vision of creating functional spaces with aesthetics, always of the highest quality.



Heading the Interior Design team, Paola, a graduate of CIIND in 2018 with further specialization from ESARQ in 2021, has always been captivated by design's impact on our daily lives. To her, design is more than just aesthetics; it's a vibrant expression of the individual essence through a creative language. "To be able to understand the true essence of our clients and then see it so imprinted in their homes is an unmeasured pleasure...and also, such a fun and fulfilling experience."

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