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Why Los Cabos Is One Of The Safest Places For You To Invest In Your Dream Home Or Vacation Retreat

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

While the pandemic is gradually getting under control, it is safe to say that it impacted all of us one way or another. As we all come to terms with a somewhat new reality, life needs to move on and those dreams that might have been put on hold for the past 12-15 months suddenly are coming back alive. If owning a house or condo down in Los Cabos was on that list of dreams, well, you should be relieved to know that things are looking very positive down here in paradise. As one of the leading architecture studios in Los Cabos, we wanted to highlight three great reasons to feel excited about your future home or vacation retreat here in the destination. Whether you are thinking of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, or even the trendy East Cape, our team of experienced architects is here to guide you through your decision process. In this article, we want to focus on the safety measures related to COVID-19 protocols, the solidarity of the people living in our vibrant Cabo community, and of course, the quality of life.

Why Cabo is one of the safest places right now in 2021 for people to plan their Home Projects?

Not too long ago, Los Cabos was officially named Mexico’s first health verified destination, after the near entirety of the hotels had earned independent health validation from the Sharecare health company. Such a privilege is given as a title to those few hotels who excel at their safety measures against the ongoing pandemic and are at the absolute top of the line when it comes to health quality and the construction sites are following the same strict guidelines. Symptom checking, prevention, health protocols, superb communication between tourists and staff, are all perfect ingredients for a location that is not only beautiful but self-conscious for both the locals and the ever-welcome visitors.

The solidarity of the people of Cabo against any given challenge.

Naturally, this pristine record extends not only to Cabo’s hotels but also to the overall self-conscious attitude of the destination and its people. Los Cabos has gone through many things, hurricanes, floods, and yet the people always bounce back and help one another. There is a real sentiment of solidarity, and that has translated once again during the pandemic, allowing businesses to both endure the hardships COVID has brought and to deliver the same, excellent experiences to those that come to visit and those that plan to stay while following the safety protocols implemented by the health experts.

The quality of life in Los Cabos and all it has to offer.

Los Cabos is a destination that has excelled in exceeding the expectations of its visitors, repeat visitors, and, of course, the happy homeowners and locals who are part of this beautiful community. Thanks to its combination of community consciousness, economic growth, amazing views, and activities there is an ocean of things for you to enjoy. Everything from an ever-growing range of culinary treats, the famous whale watching season, world-class golf, and fishing, to an exciting art walk in San Jose del Cabo. If you are a fan of surfing and snorkeling there are plenty of amazing beaches where you can enjoy such activities or perhaps jump on an ATV and drive through the desert. You also have a lot of exploration to do such as Cabo Pulmo, which hosts the oldest living coral reef on the west coast of North America, estimated to be 20,000 years old. There is such a plentitude of places to visit so we will get back to more of those in a future article. The truth of the matter is quite simple, if you have heard people talk about the amazing “Cabo Lifestyle”, they are not exaggerating, we know so many people who came here for a vacation and stayed for a lifetime.

If there is one thing that we have seen this year, it is that people are out in force fulfilling their homeowner dreams in Los Cabos, the real estate market is booming down here, and now is a great opportunity for you to finally get that dream home project of yours.

Here at HAC Arquitectura, we have years of experience in both real estate and architecture, we are proud of our Mexican roots, our strong understanding of the local market, and we are known for our ability to translate our clients’ ideas into a reality. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home project in Los Cabos.

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