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What is this new Home Center project in Los Cabos? An interview with Ana Paula Castañeda

As in every location, there are several entry points to the vibrant Los Cabos property market. Some are looking for the beachfront dream home, while others want to invest in real estate from a business standpoint. What if a professional 360-solution could deal with all the aspects involved in acquiring commercial and residential properties, even those that do not exist yet? Imagine combining the knowledge from one of the World's most trusted brands in real estate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, with a leading local architecture studio such as HAC Arquitectura; you end up with a wealth of expertise, covering every aspect from the beginning until the end of a property transaction. Luckily for future Cabo homeowners and commercial investors, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Baja Real Estate and HAC Arquitectura have joined forces to establish such a 360-solution, the Home Center.

Today, we wanted to dig deeper into the Home Center, to understand how the project came about and why there is such a need for a project like this in Los Cabos. We are talking to Ana Paula Castañeda, Founder and Lead Architect at HAC Arquitectura.

Why do you need this Home Center project in Los Cabos and the property market?

For the first time in history, the real estate market in Los Cabos has more options in pre-construction than in the offer of already-built properties. This situation has created several challenges for both real estate agents and buyers. Many companies from other parts of the country present pre-construction proposals, but we, as agents, need to have a reference to their reputation. Most intend to carry out the construction with the buyer's financial means. This practice has resulted in a significant lack of control, the quality of the finished product is lost a lot, and the buyer needs more guarantees that the property they purchased meets all the quality standards offered at the beginning.

For this reason, we decided to create Home Center. With the affirmation that buyers have more options in pre-construction, we decided to create a structure in which they can design their own house but with the support of a team of experts who will be taking care of their interests in all the phases of the process.

We want to ensure our clients enter the market via a reliable channel. The Home Center initiative creates a dedicated channel and entry point for anyone interested in the Los Cabos real estate market.

Who is this project aimed towards, and why?

It is aimed at any person and/or investor convinced that there is no better time to invest in real estate in Los Cabos, either for personal use or as a developer of projects for sale, and seek more personalized attention focused on their particular needs.

Here are some examples of people who could benefit from using Home Center:

  • A retired couple is looking to live in spaces specially designed for them that increase their quality of life.

  • A young family that needs their home to be suitable for their life project and contemplates the growth of their children in the long term.

  • A company or private investor looking for a 360 service to develop their project.

What does the Home Center mean to you at HAC Arquitectura and as an Architect?

For HAC Arquitectura, creating alliances like the one we have developed with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Baja Real Estate is an honor and an enriching experience for the entire team. The standards we must meet to live up to the quality and service Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers to push us to improve daily. Creating relations with companies that share our quality and customer service values is essential for HAC. Above all, they are always busy maintaining a reputation that becomes the most important letter of introduction.

As an architect, it is an incredible opportunity to unite my two passions, Architecture and Real Estate, to share what I have learned over the years and learn more about my colleagues and their clients. I have always been curious to understand the differences and qualities of clients looking for an already-built house vs. those who prefer to build.

How did the collaboration with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Baja Real Estate come about?

I have the fortune and honor to be part of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Baja Real Estate team. Ian Gengos (broker) and Michelle Wilhlem (Partner) intend to do business beyond simple transactions, and I share this vision with them. Their close attention to detail, which always translates into better customer service, has led us to create strategies to improve the products and processes we offer to all BHHS customers. Thus, the Home Center project was developed.

What is HAC Arquitectura adding to the project?

For almost 20 years, we have been involved with commercial and residential projects in most parts of Mexico. We manage projects from the initial design and planning phase, building permits, construction, and interior design. Our team has a well-established reputation for its professional resolve and constructive relationship with our local and international clients. In Los Cabos, our current projects include homes in exclusive residential areas such as Cabo del Sol at The Cove Club (TC7), Chileno Bay Club (Casa B), Palmilla (PS15), Querencia, and Rancho Cerro Colorado (RCC1, RCC2, RCC3).

We look forward to hearing from potential clients looking for an entry point into the Cabo housing or commercial property market and requiring a professional 360 solution like the Home Center.

A snapshot of the Home Center

Property Selection and Acquisitions

Our team collectively represents decades of experience and success in the Luxury Real Estate Market of Los Cabos, earning us the distinction as local property selection and acquisitions experts.

Planning and Architecture

Design and Construction

Inspection and Delivery

Please visit the Home Center today! You are more than welcome to contact us here directly for any questions that you may have.

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