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The Modern Architectural Design Benefits of the Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Sometimes we enjoy living with a piece somewhere else, a little something that makes a particular corner of the world feel closer to us, no matter the distance. Maybe a souvenir, perhaps a picture. Some take it a step further, taking a page from the picturesque backdrops of the Scandinavian landscape or their house interiors.

With their century-spanning excellence in quality and home design development, Scandinavians know how to make the most out of nearly any layout. Granted, this should come as no surprise.

With a location known for long, pitch-black nights, the house designers of this northern getaway inevitably learned the solution of how to make use of multiple techniques to make their living spaces pop, regardless of the type of natural illumination on offer.

So yes, while we can’t quite replicate scenery, we can still do the best practices from foreign lands and add a degree of the outside to our home and living conditions.

Here are our five tips from Scandinavian architecture design.

1. Minimalistic-Oriented Interior Design Philosophy

The core philosophy of Scandinavian interior design hinges on three essential qualities: functionality, efficiency, and simplicity, which is why most like-minded interior designers will focus on a decidedly minimalistic approach to interior organization. Optimized use of space and furniture is key, not only for cost but to allow each element of the project to captivate and deliver a sense of uncluttered, luxury comfort.

The question asks itself. Do you want more, cluttering your line of sight and the floors and making it an overall mess? Or perhaps you want well-implemented less, allowing you to move freely about your high-end home without excessive background noise? The answer is just as obvious.

2. The Benefit of Effective Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a big deal with Scandinavian architects and architecture firms, what with the extreme solar schedules and such, which is why one of the primary centerpieces of its interior design relates to the proper placement of windows. Natural lighting extends beyond how much light can go in. Instead, how much light the house can withhold for as long as possible with sun-absorbing greenhouse extensions.

The focus on light tones for walls and furnishings also aids this focus on optimized lighting. These clear tones accentuate whatever highlight may be around, giving a lived-in factor to the surrounding elements and structures. Naturally drawing the eye of homeowner and guest alike to whatever it is might be the focal point of each room—a win-win solution.

3. Benefit of Effective Wood and Natural Fabric Materials for Interior Design

Scandinavian architects and architecture firms highly regard wood. Quite fitting, considering the lush forests of the region. Be it for furniture, flooring, or frames. Quality lumber is atop the list for any self-respecting Scandinavian-styled home interior.

Additionally, quality natural fabrics are essential to this “au natural” concept. Wools and leathers all complement the rustic, cozy feeling of, preferably, handcrafted furniture with their authentic look and feel. Nothing speaks high-end concept like a lack of synthetics, a cost that’s well worth it.

4. Natural Material Décor Benefits for Home Interiors

As always, house décor needs contrast, not just when it comes to applying quality amounts of lighting and shadow. Due to the issues above with minimal sunlight, the design philosophy of Scandinavia borrows heavily from natural elements of the surrounding location when it comes to adding those fine, extra details. From actual interior greenery and foliage to patterns that simulate these dashes of vegetation throughout the living space. You don’t need to be a plant person to add this element of nature to your layout. You only need to know what fabrics, coverings, and colors best emulate the natural spectrum and which best complement the strong presence of wood and its subdued tones. Of course, if you want to commit to the long-run cost of the interior or organic décor, then more power to you.

5. Focus on the Benefit of a Comforting and High-End Lifestyle

With an ever-present focus on natural lights, materials, natural décor, and optimal space, Scandinavian home interior design concepts offer a mixture of effective organization and comfortable living. Its natural, subdued hues, combined with an uncluttered positioning of furniture and décor, make for a calming, high-end lifestyle that is sure to appease those everyday worries with something as simple as laying down and watching the results of your hard labor.

Additionally, should you happen to live in a location with a temperate climate or, at the very least, cold enough winters, you can very well implement a fireplace to round up the cozy factor. Alternatively, should your winters be extensions of a warm autumn afternoon, you can always utilize fondue lights as adequate replacements while still getting the same friendly, approachable feeling of the real thing.

Why you Should Apply a Scandinavian Design Philosophy to your Modern Architecture Project or Development

As you can see, this foreign design vein is far more than just an exotic novelty from a faraway land. It’s a tried and true method of space optimization for a comfortable lifestyle. The most one could want during today’s bustling comes and goings. To arrive after a long day of work or to have a welcoming background filtering out all the deadline-induced stress of the home office. What’s not to like? So should you happen to have a construction project or development in the works, or even as an in-the-near-future concept in the making, do try to take wisdom from the architects of northern Europe and other corners of the world, too, while you’re at it. Whether modern or contemporary architecture develops, it’s all about knowing, working, and expanding horizons, regardless of location. You never really know how much you’re missing until you go out of your way to look for it.

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