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Los Cabos About To Break New Records! 2021 Tourism Activity Close To Surpassing 2019!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Los Cabos had a bit of a rough time, we all have, but as is with life, it pretty much boils down to being able to bounce back, and not only has Cabo both figuratively and literally thrown 2020 out the window, it’s about to top itself! 2019 was an almost unparalleled year for the much-beloved Mexican beach in terms of growth, tourism, and overall expansion, but that’s about to become ancient history. Not only did Cabo manage to rebound this 2021, but it’s also breaking records like never before, and what better to prove this than the word of Lilzi Orcí, head of the Cabo Hotel Association himself!

In the words of the man and the rest of the association, the total hotel occupancy of Cabo San Lucas is nearly equal, as of the time of writing, to that of 2019. Keyword(s) being as of the time of writing, since the association very much considers the possibility of exceeding those previous figures a very, very likely one, thanks in no small part to Cabo’s full-speed recovery throughout the year, a quick example being the whopping 50% hotel occupancy of September.

Such has been Cabo’s recovery that the association’s conference meeting during International Tourism Day (September 27) was more or less a full-blown celebration, rather than loss accounting like last year. The ever-diminishing “traffic light”, the consistent fulfillment of health protocols, safe distancing, and use of facemasks have proven key in Cabo’s growth during these trying times, so much so that the concept of the “low season” might go out of fashion, and for good reason. The pandemic has put so much pressure on vacation spots worldwide, that Cabo’s constant action against it (on top of its already existing quality) has cemented it as a year-round option! Hard to believe how far we’ve come!

As a closing statement, Lilzi himself concluded that the odds of going beyond the percentages from 2019 were well within the realm of possibility. Of course, this would be impressive enough was he referring only to September, but we know Cabo won’t settle for enough. It’s going in, ready to break all the records to cap off a brilliant comeback of a year. Los Cabos truly is the getaway!

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