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In The Spotlight July 2023: Rafael Cendejas, Architect at HAC Arquitectura

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

We are back with another interview for our In The Spotlight series this month; we are talking to Rafael Cendejas, Architect at HAC Arquitectura.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in architecture.

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about art and design. As I grew up, I found in architecture a space where design and art mix with functionality to create not only beautiful pieces but also spaces that fulfill a clear and rational function, and this was what made me decide to become an architect.

While an architect, I worked in design in different offices. Over time, I took on small responsibilities on-site until I could coordinate the construction as I currently do at Hac Arquitectura. This journey helped me fully understand a project's conception and subsequent construction. Being able to bring an idea to reality has been my greatest motivation.

What has HAC Arquitectura meant to you professionally?

For me, HAC Arquitectura has been a great step in my growth as an architect because it was here that I could coordinate construction for the first time. Also, the collaborative work that we apply in the office has helped me to constantly learn from different experiences in different areas, from design and costs to execution, and be able to improve the way I work every day.

Being an on-site architect, you have already had the opportunity to attend directly to several clients. What has been your greatest challenge in working with them, and what has been your greatest lesson?

As an on-site architect, one of the biggest challenges I have working with clients is the changes and ideas from clients that appear throughout the construction process.

Being able to help to translate their ideas along the way, always looking for construction possibilities to match the concept of the house, keeping harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

And the biggest lesson I had was to listen carefully to the client's ideas, analyze the constructive possibilities, and propose.

You started assisting in building houses in Guadalajara. How do you think the way clients see architecture has changed since you started your professional life until now?

I started working as an architect in 2017, still studying at the university; living in your home has changed greatly during those years. Some spaces have become more important, and others have changed their functionality. I especially feel that since the Covid 19 pandemic, home offices, gyms, games or entertainment rooms, and the green area have become very important because the house is no longer just a space to sleep and eat, the pandemic raised the scenery where the house can be used 24 hours.

Because of these changes, customers are much more critical and pay more attention to detail and specific in the spaces they need in their home because the house is a complete reflection of the client's 24-hour life.

What recommendations would you make to someone about to start designing their home?

Having a mood board is a great help to filter the style you are searching for, and analyzing family and individual customs, dynamics, and times is very important to bring this lifestyle to a consistent space.

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