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In The Spotlight December 2022: Humberto Castañeda, Partner at HAC Arquitectura

In our last In The Spotlight of 2022, we are talking to Humberto Castañeda, Partner at HAC Arquitectura.

What has been your journey as an architect?

I discovered that I wanted to be an architect since I was a child, I don't remember what triggered this idea, but I knew it at a very early age. I started my professional life working for TELMEX (Telephones of Mexico) as a draftsman. Later, I was promoted to project manager, where I had the opportunity to meet many people. A couple of years later, I was given a chance to become independent and open my own company, where I began designing and building luxury homes and industrial buildings.

My experience in the design and construction of industrial buildings led me to specialize in the health and pharmaceutical sector, where I had the opportunity to design and build for international companies such as Fresenius Medical Care and Roche.

What I value most as a professional is the learning process. Each project is a new research challenge that goes hand in hand with the needs of each client. Creating different spaces in different environments and for various functions or requirements and achieving harmony as a whole have always motivated me as an Architect.

From your perspective, how has architecture evolved in the last 30 years, and what impact has technology had?

Today, architecture has developed with a more respectful approach to the natural environment, environment, and materials from a more organic conception of the project. Concerning technology, we now have programs that allow us to develop our ideas more quickly and efficiently, optimizing time and costs.

What needs do current clients have versus when you started your career?

Previously in our country, there was no culture of hiring an Architect for the design and construction of houses. People believed it was costly and only the wealthy could afford it. They preferred to hire master masons to build them. Now the perception has changed a lot. With so many information access tools that we have at hand, clients of all social statuses have had the opportunity to learn the value of hiring an architect to design and build their homes.

Since you have more presence in Los Cabos, what are the most significant challenges and qualities of working there?

Working in Los Cabos is different from working in cities that are not tourist destinations. First, we must consider the climate; not having the immediate availability of materials and qualified labor has been a challenge that we have overcome. However, Los Cabos has the magic of the sea and the desert together that has made me feel such a unique vibe that it has left me with the best of experiences.

With all your professional experience, what motivates and drives you to grow? What are your expectations for the future of HAC Arquitectura?

Working with young people, as with HAC Arquitectura, has given me constant feedback to continue growing professionally and as a human being. HAC Arquitectura will continue to grow, learn and strive to continue having the best work team and thus continue giving our clients the best results.

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