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In The Spotlight August 2022: Alejandro Esparza, Construction Manager at HAC Arquitectura

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Continuing with our In The Spotlight series, we are talking to Alejandro Esparza, Construction Manager at HAC Arquitectura, currently leading the work at Casa B in Los Cabos.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in architecture.

I started working in HAC Arquitectura in my last year of architecture school, helping part-time with floor plans and details for the ongoing project at the time Casa A145. I've always loved the process between drawings and construction, so right after I finished school, I became construction manager for the first time for that project and had to finish the house, considering every detail, engineering, and installation that it needed. It was a great challenge at 23 years to deal with all the construction workers and contractors on such an important project.

What has HAC Arquitectura meant to you professionally?

Since I started, I've constantly been learning and growing in my career. At HAC Arquitectura, I've been involved in every work process. From the beginning of the projects to the construction of them, also the opportunity to work with great clients and have contact with them to listen to their necessities along the process and help them to find the best solutions, this way of work has taught me a lot about architecture, construction and the better way to achieve the client's satisfaction.

You have now been in Los Cabos for a little over a year as the lead architect on-site for Casa B, which is being built in Chileno Bay Club. What can you tell us about the project and the experience of working in Los Cabos?

Since HAC Arquitectura offered me to move to Los Cabos to lead this project, I knew it would be a challenge. First, to move to another city, and second to start construction in one of the most exclusive residential areas with many different construction rules and regulations. I've had to work with all new contractors, providers, etc. but working and living in Cabo has been a great experience.

Based on your experience, are there any differences in the "architecture" (in general, design, construction, etc.) work when comparing Los Cabos to Guadalajara?

There are many differences, especially in construction, from the construction materials to the terms we use to refer to some activities or tools. Also, there is a big difference between construction in a big city such as Guadalajara and now in Cabo. As Cabo is still growing and doesn't have as many providers, the time for the materials and supplies to get to Cabo is long. We have to consider this for the construction schedules and add more weeks or even months to the regular time for some activities. The design has to consider different things as the climate can be so hot, and the storms and hurricanes must be regarded as a safe and successful project.

You are a few months away from finishing the Chileno Bay Club project, Casa B. What does the near future hold for you and HAC Arquitectura in Los Cabos?

We see a lot of potentials here in Cabo, with many clients coming here and looking for good architects and builders for their houses. We are giving a good quality design and construction, so I'm sure many more will come with this first project. I expect to continue growing here and providing the best service from our team to design and build the best projects for our clients.

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