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Excellent Ways To Improve Or Implement Your Ideal Home Library Design

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Despite the advent of the internet, books remain and so do libraries. They’re places that make us relax, that make us think things over, that revitalize us. You may be an avid reader, a hobbyist, a collector, or maybe you just like how a full set of bookshelves would look complementing your living space. Whatever the reason, no one can deny that libraries are magical when it comes to décor and breathing life into your home. That’s why I’m here to tell you some pointers. Three excellent ways to implement your ideal home library design to be exact.

Inciting Furniture and Decoration

A full shelf alone is nice enough, but you need to have a hook, a reason to stick around. You don’t want to stand up half an hour fiddling about with hundreds of options, otherwise, your library would become a chore, or worse, a bore. A nice set of chairs and a broad table are great pair-ups. Bring your cup of coffee, leave it by the table, look around and sit down once you’ve found your read, without the need of having to walk somewhere else. Believe me, it may sound like a minor thing, almost inconsequential, but over time you’ll start to feel the fatigue of having to stand and walk all over to the living room. Remember, comfort is king.

Calming and Matching Colors

Coordinate calming colors. Blacks, dark browns, light browns, cream, whatever tone fits the color of your walls and floor. The spectrum itself is nigh synonymous with peaceful décor for a reason. I mean, you don’t want a bright red all over anything, now do you?

This applies to both shelves, furniture, and general decoration, such as paintings, pottery, and so on. You want your home library to feel like a matching set, not a sore thumb. Whether you want to go for a minimalist or detailed touch is more or less up to you and the kind of feel that best fits your living space.

Maximizing the use of Space to Make your Comfort Nook

As I mentioned before, with furniture that pretty much tells you to ´have a seat, the whole room itself should be a comforting sight. A cozy place, away from mundane worries, text messages, and the usual everyday noise and riff-raff. A comfort nook, if you will. But where do you find that nook?

Simple! For projects involving finished homes it’s a matter of finding the most, quote on quote, secluded area (more often than not on the first floor if we’re talking multiple stories). That way you’re re-working and maximizing a space meant for yourself and for your visitors. For building projects, things are a lot easier, of course, since you can plan the use of space ahead of time.

Once you find (or plan) that perfect spot, however, it’s all a matter of putting the rest of the theory to the test!

Now you’re well on your way to having your very own escape cave! A place where you can relax and where you can grab that hardback that has been on the back of your head the whole week (after buying it almost a year ago). And even if you want to be productive 24/7, little can compare to a personal library as your go-to home office spot. The ideal home office spot if I do say so myself

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