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Benefits Of Solar Power In Modern Architecture And For Your Home

Updated: Jun 7

Solar power is the name of the modern architecture game. It’s a complicated game for sure, at first, but the benefits far outweigh the cons in the long run. That’s why I’m here to show you a quick run-through of three benefits of solar energy you’ll be sure to enjoy, especially if you are considering building your dream home in let's say sunny Los Cabos, using HAC Arquitectura as your experienced architecture studio. We know a thing or two about using solar power in our projects.

Reduced Electricity Costs Year-Round

Self-explanatory to an extent. Solar power will make you “self-sufficient” to an extent but you still need to plan ahead to make the most out of it. How? Easy, to buy appliances, lighting, and electronics that are energy efficient and minimize “vampire loads” (lost electricity so long as the appliance remains on). Even if you don’t plan on installing the panels any time soon this is still perfectly sound advice to trim down your yearly air conditioner expenses in advance.

And best of all, should you follow up on the process, the panels will lower the temperature of your home by anywhere from 5-6 Fahrenheit, which will directly impact how often you need to crank up the AC, to begin with.

Solar panels in corporate setting

Income Tax Savings

Solar power is eco-friendly and guess who likes eco-friendly endeavors? Believe it or not, the government! Depending on your area, you may receive a discount on your taxes, upwards of 26% when it comes to the implementation of a solar energy system (30% in Mexico!). This applies to both residential and commercial structures with no limited value. There are savings to be had as far as 9000 USD when it comes to solar panel implementation!

So if you plan on making a home project for yourself (or for sale) or a business with an eco-green tag slapped into it, then rest assured, the system has your back.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The feel-good benefit. The one that will give you peace of mind whenever you feel like racking the AC up to the max during the worst days of summer. Solar power has little environmental impact compared to standard fossil-fuel electrical energy. It’s clean, carbon-free goodness with little to no greenhouse gas emissions biting away at your consciousness. Especially considering today’s precarious climate conditions.

A late afternoon bike ride

Sure, the implementation does release forms of GHS but it’s a minimal output compared to the year-round pummeling fossil-fuel electricity does to our atmosphere.

So there you have it. Some of you might still consider it too much work or not worth the effort, but at least we can happily report that we have several clients who are beyond satisfied with their choice of including solar panels in their projects.

If you are looking at buying or building your home down south in Mexico, in particular somewhere near Cabo, Todos Santos, East Cape, really anywhere in Baja California Sur, our architecture studio can help you facilitate the decision-making all the step of the way. Perhaps you are looking to buy a property right away, not to worry, our close relationship with the real estate market, in particular the luxury real estate segment, serves as an important cornerstone in our operation. Do you want some insider information about the best investment opportunities currently on the market in Los Cabos? Excellent! We are just an email or phone call away.

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