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7 Eco-Friendly Green Technologies You Must Have For Your Home Project In Los Cabos This 2021

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Eco-friendly is a big deal and a growing one too. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has stated that 59% of millennials show awareness of global warming and are taking action to do something about it. Naturally, this has been reflected in modern technologies and tendencies, when it comes to home and general architecture projects. More and more people build homes with a stronger ecological focus in mind, so to get with the times and put our own grain of sand, here are seven eco-friendly technologies you need to check out:

1. Lighten Your CO2 Emissions And Electric Bills With Solar Panels

You know them by now. Transforming solar energy into electricity, even on cloudy days (albeit with less potency), these panels might seem a chore to implement, but the amount of electrical energy you will consume will reduce considerably, as will those end of the month dividends on your bills. A win-win situation.

2. Let’s Stop Throwing So Many Bulbs, Shall We?

Solar panels are effective enough as it is, but why not give them a helping hand and maximize them even further? Energy-saving lamps are probably the most commonplace item on the list, but they really help compared to the run-of-the-mill incandescent bulbs, having almost twice the life span and consuming less than four times the energy. Simple, good-for-the-pocket math really, free energy, less consumption with twice the same effectiveness, what’s not to love?

3. Save Up Water With Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Water is a big issue these days and we need to do everything we can to make do. These unique add-ons pile up whatever rainwater drops by, which you can then use for cleaning, washing, and so on. You can even store up to 500 gallons, which are sure to fill up with only a couple of rains (or a few storms depending on your area). All the benefits are short and long-term, for both your wallet and the world in general.

4. Heating Up Water With No Tank? Yes, Yes You Can!

To further maximize the advantages of solar energy is to replace your tank heater with a solar one. This fine device right here will heat the water whenever you need it and without no standby losses. Hot water on demand? That’s good. Eco-friendly hot water on demand? That’s even better.

5. Take A Shower, A Saving Shower

Your usual shower takes anywhere from 15 to 23 liters per minute, did you know that? Well, a saving shower only uses up to 7 or 10 liters per minute, less than half that amount. You’re probably already doing some bean-counting right about now aren’t you? Well good, you should.

6. That’s A Lot Of Bottles You’ve Been Throwing Out Lately. Need A Water Purifier?

On average, each household consumes about two to three water jugs per week…that’s a lot, it is. With the help of a water purifier, you’ll not only put a stop to all that plastic consumption but you’ll reduce your annual water investment by one-third of the original amount, and that’s only from purifying your drinking water, you can even double up and give that rainwater a filter for good measure. If that’s not having your cake and eating it then I don’t know what is.

7. Summer’s Rising Up And So Are Your Electrical Bills? Reflective Coatings Are Just The Thing For You!

We all like to crank up the air conditioning, let’s not kid ourselves, but we all know as well that it’s leaving a huge mark on the ozone layer (and our monthly expenses). So…what to do? Reflective coatings are what. With this type of coating, you will reduce the loaded heat from walls and ceilings, keeping your home naturally fresh, cool, and most importantly, with reduced air conditioning usage.

Ain’t all that something? Sure, they require an initial investment and time and effort, but all that investment, time, and effort you’re wasting right now will be a thing of the past once you’re past those baby steps. Remember, it’s not only your wallet you’re impacting, it’s the world and while being eco-friendly might also be something of a fad amongst certain circles in these days of social media and whatnot, that also does not mean it is any less important, in fact, but we also need it now more than ever.

Being green doesn’t seem easy, but it sure does pay off, for you, for everyone, for the world.

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